Climb at home?

So why make a blog about creating make shift climbing walls when there are plenty of good indoor facilities and hundreds of outdoor climbing locations in the UK?

If like me you have a passion for climbing, then having some where to train close by can make the difference between being able to climb regularly or waiting for the next opportunity to get to your closest climbing venue.

Photo: Alex in the bouldering room

In this blog, i hope to show, you can make a climbing wall from just about anything that is solid enough, from a simple finger board above your bedroom door, to traversing and bouldering walls in your back garden.

Some of the subjects that will be covered will be: "Designing your wall, where to start? Fixing and construction. Making your own holds? Easy or Not? Creating your own features. Setting your first route! Training techniques and exercises".

I hope you like the blogs. Please let us know your comments or suggestions as the more ideas the better the walls.


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